Garage Doors Irlam

CBL Garage Doors are known throughout the North West for our commitment to providing quality garage doors.Whether you’re looking to install a new and more reliable model of garage door, or your current door requires repairs/maintenance, we’re here for you. Our team can install garage doors in Irlam and Cadishead, whether it be at your home or business.

As a major supplier of garage doors in Irlam, we have a wealth of garage doors to choose from to compliment a variety of properties. Whether you’re looking for simple garage doors for your home, or electric doors to allow for quick and easy entry/exit, get in touch today.

Garage Doors in Irlam for Homes and Businesses

As part of our comprehensive range of garage door installation services, we’re able to deliver all kinds of access points to your home or business which will be practical for your needs. As suppliers of major brands Hormann, Gliderol, Cardale, Woodrite, Novoferm and Wessex, each with ranges in a selection of styles and colours, there’s a door to compliment all types of properties. Need a roller garage door for your property in Irlam? No problem. Or maybe you’d like a remote controlled wooden garage door for your property at Glazebrook? Whatever the style you desire for your home or business, we’re confident we have the garage door to suit you.

A Complete Range of Garage Doors in Irlam, Cadishead and Glazebrook

As part of our industry-leading garage doors installation service in Irlam, Cadishead and the surrounding areas, we can provide a range of styles to suit your home. Just some of our most popular garage door designs include:

  • Steel Garage Doors.
  • Timber Garage Doors. 
  • GRP Garage Doors.
  • Side-Hinged Doors.
  • Sectional Garage Doors.
  • Roller Garage Doors and Shutters.
  • Front Entrance Doors.
  • Remote-Controlled Garage Doors.
garage doors Irlam

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are hard-wearing and completely secure entrance solutions. They are weather and damage-resistant. Steel garage doors are virtually maintenance-free and can deliver many years of reliable service.

Timber Garage Doors

Timber garage doors are stunning to look at and are available in a variety of styles and colours. They are also hard-wearing and reliable. Thanks to modern finishes, timber garage doors are hard-wearing and resistant to the effects of the weather.

GRP Garage Doors

GRP garage doors (glass reinforced polyester) are extremely hard-wearing and simple to maintain. They are available in a range of styles and colours. Thanks to the design of GRP garage doors, they are resistant to weathering, dirt and damage caused by UV lighting.

Side-Hinged Doors

Side-hinged doors for garages are a simple and classic design. They are easy to operate and maintain. These side-hinged doors combine practicality with a stunning, classic appearance. These doors are easy to open and are perfect for those garages with a lot of obstructions. These door designs can be made from steel, GRP and timber.

Sectional Garage Doors

If your garage space is limited, sectional garage doors are a sleek alternative to the classic designs. They can save space inside and outside the garage. They can also be opened by hand or automated, depending on your needs. Sectional garage doors are ideal for all kinds of properties.

Roller Shutters and Doors for Garages

If the design of your garage makes it impossible for traditional doors to be installed, roller shutters are a great alternative. These shutters can be opened quickly and easily, and do not extrude outside of your garage at all. This can prevent accidents from causing damage to your car while the shutter is opening.

Front Entrance Doors

In addition to hard-wearing garage doors, we can also install front entrance doors to suit your property’s needs. We can install modern, energy-efficient doors. Whether you’re looking for a simple door or a stunning design to complement your home, get in touch today. CBL can provide a full range of front entrance doors.

Remote-Controlled Garage Doors

Automated garage doors are a popular choice for homes across the North-West. They can be opened from the comfort of your car and closed just as easily. Remote-controlled garage doors can be operated in just a few seconds. Automated garage doors can prevent you from getting soaked or frozen during the more miserable months of the year.

Garage Door Repairs in Irlam

garage doors Irlam repairs and maintenance

In addition to garage door installation, we can also provide repairs and maintenance for garage doors in Irlam. If he main body of your door has sustained damage, or the door has ceased to operate as it should, we are here for you. We can provide garage door repairs in Irland, Cadishead, Glazebrook and surrounding areas.

In some cases, the damage to your door may be too severe. In these cases, we will be able to provide a like-for-like replacement service to suit the needs of your usage and property. CBL’s team have the knowledge and experience to help you restore your garage door to complete working order.

For Quality Garage Doors in Irlam, Call CBL’s Professional Team Today

If you’re looking to protect your property, or make your garage easily accessible, get in touch with our team today. We only deal with brands that are known to produce hard-wearing, high-quality garage doors.

You can reach our team today by calling us directly on 0800 0542 500. You can also send any questions or concerns through our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.