What Makes AlluGuard Roller A Revolutionary Roller Garage Door?

AlluGuard Explained

As a British manufacturer, the British symbol has gone a long way to establishing credibility and quality workmanship to customers and homeowners.

The Ultimate Garage Door

AlluGuard takes the concept of the roller garage door to a new level. It out performs the ordinary garage door boasting several security features. The positive locking system means there is no external lock to pick or force because the alarm has a 90dB sound, which can be triggered at the bottom of the door, meaning your garage has the ultimate deterrent.

Products available from:

  • AlluGuard 55
  • AlluGuard 77
  • AlluGuard Window Shutters
  • AlluGuard Security Shutters

An AlluGuard garage doors come complete with remote control meaning your garage door has comfort and ease control as standard.

AlluGuard garage doors are designed with aluminium laths insulated with foam to prevent against heat loss and noise, which makes an AlluGuard garage door an exceptionally ideal product designed purposely to suit garages used for social spaces and those directly under a bedroom or workroom.

The AlluGuard garage system can fit all garage openings of single and double.

How does it operate?

Side runners, extruded bottom lath and autopositive locking with anti lift locking straps combine to make AlluGuard extremely secure.

One aspect that is desired with roller shutter doors is the vertical travel allowing “parking” up a convenience instead of a hindrance. Because An AlluGuard shutter rollers tighter than other roller doors, AlluGuard takes up less head room when open. So whenever you decide to change your car or do not get your parking right everytime, a AlluGuard installation gives you that extra room to manoeuvre.

Looks Good Inside and Out

The Aluminium laths are the ideal solution whilst they are corrosion resistant light yet strong. With optional colours like racing green, The overall colour inside and out can be matched to your desired taste.

Ultimate safety with AlluGuard-Guaranteed

In the event of a power failure, the door can be manually operated with a handcrank. An external override is available with an option for garages with no other entrance. Doors with a full roll box are available with an optional lockable override cover to prevent unauthorised use.

Other AlluGuard safety features are merited by its compliant and certified safety regulations as it employs a reliable motion sensor which stops and reverses immediately on contact with an obstruction. This motor sensing anti trap feature is an integral design of AlluGuard products.

CBL A company supplier for AlluGuard

As a British partner of AlluGuard suppliers, CBL warrant that AlluGuard some of the best garage doors safety features and accessory options in the industry. CBL are a North West supplier for home owners and commercial properties covering Lancashire and Cheshire. So if you are interested in finding out more about AlluGuard products. Contact us on our free phone number or contact form.