FAQs – CBL Garage Doors

Looking for more information about garage doors provided by CBL Garage Doors? Then please read below our most frequently asked questions. For any enquiry you may have, please call us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Our telephone number is 0800 0542 500 or alternatively you can use our online contact form.

Q. When I replace my existing door, can I keep my old track?

A. When replacing your door, we always recommend replacing the track as different brands are designed to work with specific types of tracks. Removing the tracks and gear and adding a new one is a cheap way to ensure that the new garage door system is as safe as possible.

Q. Will my garage door dealer take down my old door?

A. Once your new garage door has been replaced, we will remove and dispose of the old garage door and frame, free of charge

Q. How long does installation of a garage door take a garage door dealer?

A. Typically it will only take a few hours for us to install a garage door. All times are different, depending on the door type. We are always finished and the job done and completed within the day. We take care of the details to make sure that your new garage door installation meets all our safety requirements’ and is fully secure. We offer a professional service – it is never recommended to install a garage door yourself, as it is important that the garage door is installed correctly, in accordance with manufacturers recommendations

Q. Is an up & over door safe for all ages?

A. All our garage doors are sourced from the major manufacturers, therefore they meet all the strict EU Safety Regulations

Q. Can you have an insulated door?

A. Yes, here at CBL we have insulated garage doors, for more information, please contact our team.

Q. Can I have an up & over door that has not got gaps around?

A. Our garage doors are customised with a made to measure option that can help with keeping your garage doors gaps to a minimum. We also offer sectional doors and roller doors which have no gap around.

Q. Where do I measure if I want to fit my own garage door?

A. You need to measure the width x height of the structural opening. When measuring the Height measure to the left, centre and right of the opening. When measuring the Width measure at the top, middle and bottom.

Q. Where can garage doors fit?

A. Garage doors can be installed behind or in-between the structural openings. This should be specified when ordering a new garage door.

Q. How long does it take to fit a garage door?

A. Installing a door will often take between 2 – 6 hours depending on the type of garage door that is being fitted.

Q. Do you have your own engineers or do you sub-contract your work out to other companies?

A. Our engineers work for CBL Garage Doors and are all fully trained and have many years of experience in installing, repairing and automating all types of garage doors.

Q. Do you charge for somebody to come to my house to do a site survey?

A. Visiting your property to survey your garage door is done free of charge.

Q. Will your representative leave me with a quotation?

A. We give a free verbal quotation either on the phone, or at the time of the survey and we give a written quote on request after visiting your property and after seeing what needs to be done to carry out the installation of your new garage door.

Q. How long does a survey take?

A. How long a survey takes depends on the type of garage door you are looking to have installed. A survey can take anytime up to 30 minutes or longer if you require more information or assistance whilst we are on site.

Q. When you fit my door do I get a guarantee?

A. All our garage doors and installations come with a warranty, for more information get in contact with CBL Garage Doors Ltd.

Q. Can my existing garage door be electrically operated?

A. A lot of existing doors can have a motor installed. Your garage will need to be inspected to check out the door type and suitability, and view the space available in your garage.

Q. How much do you charge to fit?

A. This can vary depending on the kind of door we are fitting. For more information on prices get in contact with CBL Garage Doors Ltd.

Q. When do I pay for my new garage door?

A. Payment is made on the day that our engineers complete the installation of your garage door.

Q. Do I need to service my door?

A. It is recommended that you regularly clean and service all moving parts of the garage door system with lubricant. For more information please get in contact with CBL Garage Doors Ltd.

Q. Will my door discolour in the sun?

A. Your newly installed garage door will not become discoloured in the sun. This is covered as part of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. Do you service garage doors?

A. Yes we do. For service charges and indicative costs please contact CBL Garage Doors Ltd.

Q. Do you repair garage doors?

A. Yes we offer a repair service to all makes and models of garage doors. For pricing and indicative costs please contact CBL Garage Doors Ltd.

CBL is on of the leading suppliers of garage doors in Stockport, Manchester and throughout the North West. We are the specialists when it comes to installing and repairing garage doors. Call today on 0800 0542 500 for more information.