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CBL supply 100's of garage doors for your home in Wilmslow

CBL Garage doors are Wilmslow’s leading garage door supplier. We provide secure, quality garage doors for homes across the North West of England.

We have a wide range of brands and types of garage doors, from remote controlled doors to roller garage doors, and everything in between. We also stock a great selection of high quality brands to make sure our customers receive the best products possible. Whether it's steel, GRP or timber garage doors, our range is of a build quality that is a durable, practical solution for your home for years to come.

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Here at CBL Garage Doors, we understand how style, design and appearance are three core elements to consider when purchasing a new garage door. We have a wide product range which are designed to suit various architectural structures, so no matter what shape you’re after we’re guaranteed to have the perfect solution for your home in Wilmslow.

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Colour, style and security tend to be heavily considered when purchasing garage doors, and we have a large selection to browse online or at our showroom. Here at CBL Garage Doors we work hard in ensuring the products we offer are of good quality and we have a range of choices and options to suit you so you feel confident your investment will be a lasting one.

Our product range has been selected to reflect the following:

  • Choice of colours
  • Choice of designs
  • Choice of materials including wood and pvc
  • Optional windows
  • A choice of security features
  • Choice of automatic functions and controls
  • Choice of garage openings
  • Optional garage door design features

Here at CBL Garage Doors we’re appealing to those who wish to choose a specific garage door design. From sectional garage doors to additional windows, you have the freedom and opportunity to find the right garage doors to suit your Wilmslow home perfectly.


Different Types of Garage Door

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are one of the more popular garage designs delivered here at CBL. Our sectional door range is available in 2, 3 or 4 sectional jointed and are designed to roll up on fitted tracks in the ceiling of your garage.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Here at CBL Garage Doors our Up and Over Doors come in grp, steel and wood. Whilst they look physically pleasing in appearance they’re also reliable secure and most importantly, one of our easier door functions to use, Up and Over garage doors are commonly fitted with automatic functions for comfort.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors are a generic garage door function found in various garage doors across Wilmslow and the United Kingdom. Roller doors, also known as auto-roll garages prove useful for many homes because of their space saving attributes. There are also many technical features have brought them in line with technology and appearance for modern home garages.

Electric Garage Doors

Our electric garage doors are perfect for customers who want ease of use of their garage without having to exit the car and manually open the door themselves each and every time. This is particularly useful for garages that see a lot of daily traffic. With the latest remote controlled system, you can open and close the electric garage door without leaving the seat.

CBL Garage Door Services in Wilmslow

Free Advice

Here at CBL Garage Doors, we take a professional approach to each query we receive and have the skill, knowledge and expertise to be able to advise customers and put you in the right direction. For any more information regarding our brands, or any queries whatsoever call us today on 0800 0542 500

We Can Explain all the Features and Functions

You may have never had to purchase a garage door for your Wilmslow home, as it’s very common to inherit garage doors from previous homeowners. Take advantage of our wide range of garage doors, and feel free to quiz our knowledgable team on their features and functions. Visit our showroom today for a look at our selection of garage doors and compare them with a member of the team.

Technical Information

Here at CBL Garage Doors, one of our expert garage door fitters will visit your Wilmslow home and take any garage measurements. Also, if you wish to dispose of your old garage door, we can also do this for you completely free of charge.

Product Guarantee

All garage doors have a 10 year warranty upon installation as standard.

A Life Time Service

If your garage door begins to show any wear and tear issues through accidental handling or incorrect use, we’re also the number one garage door repair service.

For more information surrounding our products or services, please contact CBL Garage Doors today for friendly information, advice and guidance. Call 0800 0542 500

Get the perfect, secure garage door for your Wilmslow home with CBL Garage Doors today.