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Garage Doors in Stretford: CBL Garage Doors

Stretford garage doors: Industry leading doors, provided by locally based experts

We understand that garage doors are about more than mere aesthetics, and whilst you of course want your doors to look great and improve the exterior of your home, you also value the utmost importance of doors that increase security. For these reasons you’ll be glad to read that each and every product that we provide and fit is subject to some of the most stringent sourcing processes possible.


Garage doors in Stretford: Our range

Our Stretford garage doors come in a wide variety of styles and designs and can be powered and operated in a range of ways including numerous automated options.

Steel doors: Steel doors provide a complete sense of security whilst providing for great performance and low maintenance needs throughout the years. What’s more, with more designs, styles and technologies than ever before they are also seriously flexible.

Side Hinged Garage Doors: Side Hinged Garage Doors balance elegance with understated simplicity and, given that they benefit from hard wearing materials and robust construction, are completely practical.

GRP Garage Doors: Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) doors are not only one of the most durable forms of doors available, but are also available in a wide range of colours and styles which are all finished with a smooth, hardwearing high gloss coating.

Timber Garage Doors: Timber garage doors are uncompromising for both solid security as well as beautiful style. What’s more with a range today that comes with more styles than ever before this option is also seriously flexible.

Sectional Garage Doors: Sectional Garage doors can provide all that steel doors do, but as they can move up and over, and can be automatically powered, they provide additional functionality.

Remote Garage Doors: Remote Garage doors can apply across our ranges and, as we go beyond fitting and supplying, we can actually build your garage door package around you; so if you like a garage door from amongst our ranges simply ask us about automation and remote control options.

Roller Doors & Shutters: Roller doors and shutters operate in much the same way that sectional doors do, but move up and over with the door or shutter rolling up.

Front Entrance Doors: We know that your front entrance serves as a central focus of your home (as well as a vital security barrier) which is why we only provide industry leading front entrance doors from UK based, expert manufacturer Hormann.

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Want to see a few garage doors in place and in person?


We know that sometimes it can be useful to see our products in person to get a full idea of how our garage doors look and function in place. For this reason we’ve put together a Garage door showroom, where our clients can view all of the latest styles, designs and technology up close and in person.

Find out more about our Swinton based showroom: Features, opening hours and on hand experts to answer all of your questions

About us: The CBL level of service

CBL Garage Doors North West are providers, fitters and repairers of some of the world’s most reputable garage door brands. We are, and always have been, a company that has held a steadfast focus upon not only the latest innovations within this garage door realm, but also maintained complete dedication to customer service that is always helpful and never high pressure.

Our complete service for garage doors Stretford

We’re not just a company of professional fitters; we aren’t merely suppliers of solid doors, rather we are a company that provides a complete service ensuring that our clients can purchase both the robust door and the reliable fitting service that they rightly expect from us.

What’s more throughout our years’ within the industry we’ve built up quite the reputation for solid doors fitted by industry experts, which has allowed us to extend our services beyond the Stretford area. Today we know cover all of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire area in the North West, including in Rochdale, Stockport, Bolton, Manchester, Bury and Oldham.

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If you’re ready to talk with our finely team of locally based Stretford professionals then why not call, free, on 0800 0542 500, email on or head along to our contact page where you can send a message to the office directly.