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You might be familiar with using a garage on a property, however choosing a space to suit your garage can be something that can add more space to your home and with this in mind, choosing a garage door should be an option that is taken with care. Garages are now fast becoming a home owners choice to add space and where garages manufacturers are offering numberous modernisations to their doors as standard.

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What is a Hormann Up and Over door?

Hormann garage doors are unlike any other garage door because its quality is exceptional.
The up and over is by far the more traditional operational garages for homes and are easy to install and fix. Hormann offer two types of up and over garages mechanisms:

  • Canopy Gear
  • Retractable Gear

What is a retractable gear up and over garage door?

A garage operated retractable mechanism uses tension springs to lift up a garage door into a secured position. The side mounted lifting arms make this up and over garage easily adaptable to automatic control function .

What is a canopy gear up and over garage door?

The canopy gear up and over door is seen as the traditional of the 2 operational gears of the standard up and over garage door. A canopy gear relies on a torsion spring above the door panel to lift the door with steel cables at each end width of the garage opening attached by conical cylinders at each spring. Due to the mechanism operation, a canopy gear for an up and over is considered too heavy for the mechanism. A steel fixing frame is required for all single and double canopy doors making this a quick and easy solution to install. Automatic remote control operation is a highly popular option to minimise lift and can therefore be adapted using a bow arm converter to drive operation.


When you order a Hormann up and over door, all the parts will be made in factory to a reliable timescale to the measurements and specifications taken by a Hormann garage specialist at CBL Garage Doors.
Your new Hormann up and over door will be fitted to an existing timber frame.

Horman Garage Door styles

Hormann Up & Over garage door extra options

Choosing the material of your up and over garage door is another personal choice you can consider from Hormann. Steel Garage Doors provide a robust basis for long term and frequent use. The powder coated finishes in the factory means the garage is installed with a mark free appearance with no brush marks in sight. Choosing a Hormann steel garage door requires only minimal effort from regular cleaning using non acidic solution and water.

Colour options include brown, black, green, red, blue in a range of shades. Hormanns most recent colour innovation is the Decograin or Weathergrain finishes, known for the laminate foils applied to the outside door fascia panel to simulate attractive wood finishes. All Decograin can be attractively selected to complement other exterior finishes of your property appearance.

GRP (fibreglass) also known as glass reinforced polyester garage doors are designed to be more robust as a result of better strength to weight ratio than steel. It is a popular choice amongst home owners who have had a steel garage door as it shows no signs of warping, shrinking or rust therefore maintenance free.  Hormann GRP products are tested and resist to impact under requirements as those stipulated under BS6206:1981 applying to Safety Glass and Safety Plastics in buildings.

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