Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

It can be difficult to choose a garage door and how you decide to choose which garage door style is the best. It is an individual choice. However, those who decide to choose Hormann should know, are merited on the name and promise and numerous advantages of their garage door designs. Hormann is a market leader who supply continual product innovations to optimise appearance, longevity and safety features.

Reasons Why Hormann Sectional Doors Are Space Saving

One of the reasons why homeowners choose Hormann designs is because of the ingenuity and popular sectional designs. Hormann Sectional doors can be made to be a 2 or 3 or more panel to ensure it opens vertically upwards seamlessly by suspending the panels under the ceiling, saving you head space. This constructional principle means you can make full use of the space inside and outside the garage parameters.

Garage structures are not always designed conventional in today’s house building scenery, Hormann see no importance to this as they can design any sectional garage door to fit.

One of modern days luxuries is to have a garage but to have a usable and aesthetically appealing garage is now ever more important to homeowners in recent years.

When the process of starting to choose a garage door brings up a number of questions, think no further than the security of your garage. This is by far one of the industries biggest advancements. The sense of feeling secure in your own home can not be surpassed other than knowing you have invested in the latest garage technologies that has been a worth while investment. Every unfortunate break-in that occurs at a property is unexpected, but knowing you have a Hormann garage door to protect you will give you the comfort you are looking for. The sectional garage door is burglar resistant thanks to the door security kit which engages to the floor. Your door will be completely safe even in the eventuality of power failure.


Sectional Garage Door Brochure: Hormann Sectional PDF

Operational Convenience

When speed matters, Hormann garage doors open 50% faster. Convenience is everything and Hormann understand that anything that can take the manual facility of opening a garage easier, is a good option to consider. To ensure you experience full advantage of automatic convenience, Hormann have intelligent operation accessories. These include hand transmitters, code switches and finger scans.

Superior Appearance

The Hormann garage appearance, whatever choice of colour, is a result of many small details that are uniquely crafted by Hormann to distinguish its identity from other garage competitors.

Sectional side frames can have a wood grain finish perfectly matched with the door and on request, coloured doors with silk grain or decograin surface finishes come with frame coverings on request.
Whether you garage needs durability the most, is when it concerns weathering from the elements. Water can be a hazardous liquid when it has nowhere to go. The frame of your garage requires an unmatched solution to corrosion and rust which with a Hormann garage door is designed with a 4cm plastic frame shoe that gives the overall garage a professional attractive finish.

Convenience And Design Is Your Choice

Type of Hormann Sectional Designs:

  • Steel sectional doors – Single Skinned LTE Doors
  • Steel Sectional Doors – Double Skinned EPU Doors
  • Steel Sectional Doors – Double Skinned LPU Doors

Hormann Surface Finishes

  • Woodgrain
  • Silkgrain
  • Mircograin

All available in 15 preferred colours in addition to 200 colours based on RAL

Hormann Decograin Surface Finishes

  • Light Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Night Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Titan Metallic

Hormann interior doors are finished in Grey White (RAL 9002)

CBL for sectional garage doors for homes in the North West

Not only do we carry out full repairs of manual and automatic operation Hormann garage doors, but we offer a complete service to home owners looking to up scale the home appearance or functionality of a garage door to StockportBolton,  St Helens and across the North West.