Garage doors in Hulme

Our services cover garage door Hulme projects, as well as the wider regions beyond. Throughout these regions, our business has been built from the ground up by the same approach to every customer and every project: and that is to provide a complete service from supplying to fitting and beyond, and always delivering on time and with products that meet the very highest of standards.

Our garage door collections

Steel Doors

Hormann Steel 2001 Vertical

Hormann Steel 2001 Vertical

Steel provides for a thick, robust layer of security for your garage and with high quality finishes which feature in a wide range of styles, designs and colours they also offer complete design flexibility.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors are ideal for home owners who require frequent and quick access to their garage. Available in Steel, GRP and timber this option is also seriously flexible in terms of design options.

GRP Garage Doors

Glass Reinforced Polyester (known as GRP for short) provide a superior gloss finish which can be worked into any number of styles over a wide range of colours. This material boasts incredibly low maintenance requirements and stands up with vigour to years of weather, dirt and UV rays.

Timber Garage Doors

Timber provides for a beautiful material that appears in a varied range that can be matched up almost exactly to the wood work on the exterior of your home. We also boast timber doors that range from sleek contemporary designs through to the more traditional of designs.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors can balance superb functionality with sleek style through cutting edge designs; they seamlessly open by rolling up into the ceiling of the garage, and are all finished off with a robust stance upon safety features and security.

Electric Garage Doors

Remote controlled electric garage doors can be a blessing on the wettest of days, or where home owners may store their vehicles within the garage on a daily basis. We can also customise a wide range of our garage doors to be remotely controlled, simply ask our team about what your options are and what we can do for you.

Roller Doors & Shutters

Roller doors and shutters have come a long way over the years and today provide for a solid layer of security that looks great and functions smoothly.

Front Entrance Doors

We believe in providing a complete solution for our customers, which extends to include beautifully robust front entrance doors from leading UK manufacturer Hormann.

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CBL Garage Doors: Going beyond Garage doors in Hulme


We’ve built our business upon an uncompromising reputation for high quality workmanship and products that last through the years. Our guarantee for garage door Hulme projects and beyond is that we’ll away provide the right door for the right opening, delivering doors on time, in perfect condition and fitted with only the highest of standards.

What’s more our service area extends far beyond Hulme, covering the entire region of Greater Manchester as well as Lancashire, Cheshire and the wider North West (including Rochdale, Stockport, Bolton, Manchester, Bury and Oldham).

CBL Garage doors: Superior quality doors and un-negotiating customer service for Hulme and beyond.

Come and visit our showroom and see our ranges for yourself

We know that sometimes our clients need something more concrete than their imagination for picturing their garage door in place within their Hulme home. With this in mind we’ve put together a showroom where customers can come and explore all that we offer with experts on hand to answer any questions, queries or concerns that they may have.

Most specifically you can view:

  • The very latest of garage door technologies.
  • The high quality manufacturing levels that our products adhere to.
  • The differences in style between brands.
  • The most up-to-date of remote control technology.
  • Insulation options that may be suitable for your garage door.

Want to talk about your garage door needs?

Our team of specialists are awaiting your call or message. Simply phone on 0800 0542 500, email on or use our contact form and we’ll be right back in touch.