Woodrite Garage Doors

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CBL are proud to work with a renowned company like Woodrite. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is really something to behold, and we’re sure you’ll agree. For more information call CBL today on 0800 0542 500.

Woodrite is the home to elegantly crafted timber garage doors boasting “good with wood” and original craftsmanship. The brand range includes up and over and side hinged doors with 100 variety of designs.

You will be spoilt with choice if Woodrite garage doors is for you. From start to finish your choice of garage door will be tailored.

The Woodrite brand understand that every single feature requires the perfect wood match. Whether you are looking to achieve a modern or traditional look, Woodrite have the quality accessories to match. Their Cedar wood doors are available in 10 basic shades and offer a sophisticated RAL chart so you can co-ordinate your garage with any wood you have featuring on your property. If choosing the colour isn’t enough for finding the perfect door, why not choose from a range of windows, frames and chamfer details.

Woodrite timber doors are easy to maintain, The natural hardwood materials means they are suited for harsh conditions. All their doors are treated at the factory to ensure the wood remains in its original condition for the longevity of the product.

Woodrite products are fitted with a Woodrite steel or timber goalpost type frame.

For more information, call CBL today on 08000 542 500