Top 10 safety tips for your garage doors

02 Jul

Why garage doors are so great

Garages are always a welcome addition for any property. They add space to your house making your property feel bigger than it is. Not everyone has the option of parking outside their house. A garage door allows for you to park your car in a safe manner as well as providing security to your car. Cars being broken into, is a major concern for car owners and is a common crime throughout the UK. A garage will prevent crime and safely secure your car.

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This article Is designed to give you 10 ideas to improving safety for your garage.


  • To secure your garage so its safe from children, a garage door that is operated remotely using a remote is advised. You can keep the remote control stored in a place that is out of their reach, such as on top of a shelf or secured in a safe. Dangerous items are often stored in garages, so keeping children away can be paramount.
  • Please read the manual that came with your purchased garage door. Often there will be a section for an emergency release section in the user guide. Knowing the emergency release section would help to prevent injuries or be good to know in case of an emergency.
  • Every so often it is recommended that you inspect the garage door area and the garage itself. Look for broken springs or anything else that looks out of place. If you suspect something out of place, it is recommended that you contact a trained repairman.
  • Do not place fingers between the door sections. Fingers can be cut or damaged. It is recommended that small children do not put their fingers between the cracks of the doors.
  • Test the reversing mechanism of the garage door. You can place an object on the floor such as a small box. If the garage door on impact of the object does not reverse after touching the box then contact your local repair man to have the garage door repaired. If your garage door is old and does not have the auto reverse feature built in, consider purchasing a new garage door.
  • If you’re leaving the country to go on holiday, it is advised to switch off the unit controlling the door opener. If your garage doors comes with a security switch, switch this on, to temporary prevent people opening
  • Do not leave the garage door open. If the garage door is moderately open, when activated, the garage door may come down and hit whatever object is on the floor. Potentially causing damage to the garage door.
  • Change the door code lock, often the door lock code will come with a standard number that potential thieves will know. Change the security look code to a new one that is less easier for potential burglaries to know.
  • This sounds obvious, but often potential bulgarlers gain access to garages by home owners leaving their garage doors unlocked. Remember to lock up your garage door so that your property is safe.
  • Burglars’ often gain access to garage doors when they find the remote control in the property they have broken into. Make sure the remote control is stored in a place that is easily found or noticeable.

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