The different bespoke garage doors that are available

14 Aug

When people think of custom made garage doors, they usually just think that this just applies to the size of the garage door, so it can fit correctly in their garage. Bespoke garage doors, can be much more complex and offer much more in terms of variety, functionality or quality. This article will show you some of the types of garage doors that CBL Garage Doors Ltd have available. CBL operate throughout the north-west and are particularly prevalent in Manchester, Stockport and Warrington

Timber garage doors

Garage doors come in many forms. There are timber garage doors, made of wood that can be custom made. As an example windows can be fitted, so that light can enter the garage door even when fully closed.

GRP Garage Doors

Then there are GRP Garage Doors that are made of reinforced polyester that are extremely durable. They come with a nice bright white gloss or come with a wooden feel, to make the garage door look like it is made of wood when it is not.
Side hinged garage doors are very practical, they open sideways like regular doors. Most garage doors are up and over, meaning the garage door moves up and downwards rather than left or right. Side hinged garage doors are very easy to open and close.

Sectional Garage Doors

Then there are sectional garage doors, these garage doors can be otherwise known as “round the corner garage doors”. When opening, the multiple sections fold over and go round the corner onto the ceiling. Each sectional panel is individually fitted, which is different to your garage door that comes in one already made piece.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are a very commonplace type of garage door. They are the traditional type of garage door. Steel garage doors are known for their strength. They are a good option to choose when considering the security of your garage.

Roller doors

Roller Doors, are a very practical and space saving option when considering buying a new garage door. Roller doors when closing, wrap themselves into a nice shape. They are seen as attractive option if you are looking for a trendy new garage door.

Remote garage doors

Remote garage doors are very popular and practical solution when purchasing a new garage door. Remote garage doors allow garage doors be open from a distance rather than traditional garage doors that open manually.

Looking for your own bespoke garage door?

All garage doors come in almost any colour with lots of variation in design. To find out more about finding the right bespoke garage door for you, call CBL Garage Doors Ltd on 0800 0542 500. One of our friendly operatives will be on hand to help you.