Could Roller Shutters Put Your Business At-Risk from the Local Council?

17 Dec

Every business owner knows that their property’s security needs to be one of their main concerns. Failing to adequately protect their building can lead to a range of issues, including the risk of breaking and entering. As such, it’s no surprise that roller shutters and security shutters have been installed in most businesses across the UK. However, recent news might make new business owners hesitant about roller shutter and steel garage doors installation.

Despite the security benefits these shutters provide, some local councils have chosen to attack businesses with roller shutters. There are many local councils across the UK who may choose to put. What they see as a neighbourhood’s ‘character’ above the safety of business owners. The most recent example of this was in Morecambe, Lancaster.

Lancaster City Council Attacks Roller Shutters

Sabe Connor, a businesswoman who took over a dilapidated retail property, is under attack from the Lancaster City Council. She turned the property, which was boarded up for years before Mrs Connor took over, into a thriving recruitment business in the heart of Morecambe. However, she recently received a letter from Lancaster City Council, saying that her shutters were having a “negative impact on the Conservation Area”.

Lancaster City Council would like her to remove the roller shutters that she has paid to have installed and replace them with ‘letterbox’ styles shutters. However, after consulting with a security expert, she understood that the ‘letterbox’ shutters are vulnerable to damage and breaking-and-entering.

Mrs Connor choose a more reliable style of roller shutter which is regarded as an eyesore. However, her security shutters are significantly more resistant to damage, and are more likely to offer a long-term, reliable service. Mrs Connor isn’t the only business owner who chose to take advantage of more reliable and effective roller shutters. Several other businesses have installed industry-leading security shutters over the Council’s preferred ‘letterbox’ shutters.

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Putting Businesses at Risk

Lancaster City Council are putting business at-risk by forcing them to install sub-standard roller shutters. If any business is broken into, it will not only increase their insurance premiums, it can also cause a great deal of stress, concern and worry. As such, it is no wonder that Mrs Connor chose to install a high-quality roller shutter to protect her business.

A spokesman for Lancaster City Council said that “Mrs Connor did not install the type of roller shutter box as approved and another type was installed without authorisation.” He went on to say that the roller shutter was “refused due to a negative impact on the Conservation Area.”

Unfortunately, this means that Mrs Connor will be forced to remove the roller shutter or face a fine. This is a serious issue in that her successful recruitment business will be forced to install a less secure roller shutter to match the council’s demands.

Why Does Mrs Connor Need to Remove Her Roller Shutter?

It all comes down to planning permission. Mrs Connor received permission to install a letterbox-styled roller shutter. However, she then received advice from the security expert installing the shutter to choose a more secure alternative. Unfortunately, she did not have permission for the new form of shutter.

The Council also said that she hadn’t “sought additional advice from suppliers, other than those who installed the shutter”. As such, she will be forced to remove the shutter and replace it with a less secure alternative.

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