How Garage Doors Can Provide Security To Homes

13 Nov


For home-owners up and down the country there are few things as important as the security of their property; and in a world where burglars seemingly have more and more underhand methods for accessing the home it’s vital that such methods are met with robust security.

Unfortunately however a frequently overlooked area of property protection is the garage, where as many as 9% of burglars gain access and where, on average, there are £1,200 worth of items to be found alone.

With these statistics in mind here we outline the vital ways in which a high quality garage door can bolster any home’s security.

The garage door of today: More advanced than ever before

The garage doors of today are privy to more advanced manufacturing techniques, higher standards and more robust components than ever before.

That said, as within any realm of property improvement, the phrase that ‘you get what you pay for’ has proven to be consistently true. And where consumers seek out the cheapest solution they receive a garage door that features weak locking mechanisms and pliable metal that may be bent, broken and manipulated in a matter of seconds. So how can you be sure that you’re buying a high quality garage door? Well, in short, by following these 3 essential top tips.

Top tips for choosing a security boosting garage door

installed garage door

Undertake plenty of research as to garage door brands and their reputation for quality

First and foremost you should be sure that the door that you’re purchasing is known for quality build standards (as well as being backed up by a warranty, which is often a gauge of quality in itself).

Choosing the right garage door provider and fitter is important not only for ensuring that the door that you’re buying is of high quality, but moreover that the fitting of the door will be undertaken correctly. There’s little point in investing in a sturdy garage door where security vulnerabilities will be left all around the door’s frame. To this end there is one pointer to bear in mind when seeking out the services of a garage door fitter that can be relied upon, and that is their reputation amongst previous clients. CBL Garage Doors has had plenty of happy customers, due to our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry.

The last word… Coupling your solid garage door with savvy security

There’s no doubt that a solid garage door can bolster any home’s security, however it shouldn’t be used in isolation and should rather be thought of a single solid chink in the armour of your property’s security. To this end you should follow good security practice throughout the home, and it may be an idea to see your home through the eyes of the burglar, undertaking a home security audit to identify potential security holes.

For more information about how garage doors can add a layer to security to your home call CBL today on 0800 0542 500. We are Stockport and Manchester’s leading garage door supplier. We sell garage doors from all the major manufacturers to ensure our doors are of the highest quality.