Hormann Rollmatic Garage Doors

What Makes The Hormann Rollmatic A Revolutionary Roller Garage Door?

Many homeowners choose a roller shutter door because of the traditional Hormann quality of the brand. Their technology is convincing safe and has a harmonious overall appearance boasting 10 colours and a distinguished Decograin surface timber look and touch.

The Rollmatic from Hormann is a remote controlled, aluminium insulated and electrically operable roller garage door made from the finest quality of foam filled aluminium panels. The aluminium slats produce a smooth external finish roller door which can be made to suit the opening of your garage.

What makes Hormann Rollmatic different from others?

The Rollmatic garage doors use the tried and tested 24 V Hormann DC electric motor which has proved its mettle as a garage door operator motor. Under test operations, it surpassed other door functions which use a tube motor that requires several other accessories to ensure safety. Like all Hormann roller garage doors, the Rollmatic is a safe, reliable and a simple product that complies with the latest CE specifications for remote controlled electric garage doors.

Technology plays a key role with Hormann

Safety features

Hormann have intelligently designed a patented multi spring system which means the door shutter cannot suddenly close if put into manual mode.

Integrated mechanical door security

The design is engineered to prevent the shaft from being tampered or forcefully opened from the outside. Along with the barrel case as part of the Rollmatic design, it is there to protect the curtain from damage and dirt when the door is open over time.

The emergency manual override is very simple to use with an internal pull cord, release engaging which enables effortless opening and closing of the door in contrast to the winding handle system. To ensure a better peace of mind, you can opt for the power back-up device which allows you several operations in the event of a power failure.

Rollmatic Features

The Hormann Rollmatic has a large entrance width and drive length. The box housing measures 290 mm square on doors which have a maximum height of 2300 mm and 335 mm square for doors beyond 2300 mm. The width of guide channels is 100 mm and the door can either be fitted on the rear of or between the brick work.

One of the most striking features of Hormann Rollmatic is that it available in a manual model as well. It has heavy duty locking mechanism in the bottom rail and an internal chain hoist that enables easy opening from the inside.

Comfortable Operation With A Rollmatic

With an automatic Rollmatic garage, there are suitable solutions for everyone when it comes to exclusive designs for operation. With 8 control elements to choose from including the hand transmitter range, radio code and finger scan, a Hormann experience is about exceptional quality which comes in their product range.

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