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Do you have a property in Prestbury and looking for a new garage door to improve your home?

How a garage door can help improve the chances of selling a house

Whether you see a garage door as an investment or a purchase to improve the curb appeal of your property, we like to think that with CBL’s help, guidance and advice, your garage door will be something you were glad you purchased. From our experience, a garage door is said to last in approximately 25 years. Homes with garages that are usable or semi habitable do help to increase your house price. If you are looking for a garage door supplier to assist you in choosing a reputable garage door that will suit your home in Prestbury, here are a few reasons why CBL Garage Doors have been chosen as Manchester’s number one supplier.

Variety of stylish garage door options

Garages arn’t what they used to be and in fact, colour is far more important than it was 10 years ago. We have worked hard with our manufacturers to ensure we can offer a good range of choices and options so you feel confident your choice is an investment that will last into the future.

  • Garage door options
  • Choice of colours
  • Choice of materials including wood and pvc
  • Choice of garage openings
  • Choice of automatic functions and controls
  • Optional windows
  • Choice of designs
  • A choice of security features

Optional design features

At CBL, we are accommodating to those who wish to choose a specific garage door design.  Here are just the benefits of garage design features:

Sectional Doors are one of the most popular garage designs as they are made in 2, 3 or 4 sectional jointed designed to roll up on tracks in the ceiling of a garage.

If you like stylish garage doors, you might be interested in  Hormann Section Garages

Up and Over Doors are available in grp, steel and wood and whilst they look aesthetically pleasing in appearance for a conventional garage door, they are reliable and easy-to-use and commonly fitted with automatic functions for comfort.

Roller Doors are a popular and conventional garage design. Roller doors also known as autorol garages means they are a space saver because they roll up on a mechanism, for garages than cannot afford to loose height internally. They also boast many features that has brought them in line with technology and appearance for the modern home.

You may be interested to view our roller garage doors


What is in our garage door service?

Free Advice – There is nothing we do not know about garage doors, which we will offer to help you make the right informed choice for you.

Explain Features For Your Garage Door – You might of never purchased a garage door before, having inherited one from your previous homeowner, you may like to know technology has advanced and appearances have changed. So visit our showroom for a selection of garage door examples and functionalities.

Technical Information- A CBL garage expert will visit your home and measure your garage and should you wish to dispose of your old garage door, we will do this for you.

Product Guarantee- Upon installation, all garage doors have a 10 year warranty.

A Life Time Service – Should your garage begin to show wear and tear through accidental handling or incorrect use, we endeavour to be your reliable garage repairer.

“CBL are the leading supplier and installer for properties with garage doors in Prestbury”

Ways in which to contact CBL Garage Doors

At CBL garage doors, we hope that we can expertly assist and advise you when making your decision to purchase a garage door for your home in Prestbury. For a full supply and installation of a garage door contact us today.


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