Advice When Measuring Garage Doors

07 Jan

Each and every garage door is different from the last. This is also true when it comes to how doors are measured, the costs involved and the different mechanism types involved for the doors to become fully functionally.
This article is a basic guide that should help you, the public gain a better understanding when it comes to sizing of garage doors. Many people believe that garage doors are similar to other internal structures like front doors and windows however garage doors often come with their own set of sizing rules.


Up and over doors

When it comes to up and over garage doors, the dimensions inside the fixing sub frame are usually timber or made of steel.

A garage door that is say 8’0 by 7’0 will usually have a sub frame that is of the same size. The sub frame size id of addition to the garage door size measurement.

An acceptance of a smaller size is tolerable for the garage door panel itself, each is slightly different for each manufacturer and type of door material required so the door panel is always slightly smaller to ensure that the door itself operates in a fully functional manner.

If the garage door is to be purpose made and does include a steel fixing sub frame, it is advised if possible to provide an ordering size of the garage door and the frame that is correct. CBL Garage Doors Ltd, will come to your property and take all the necessary measurements.

Roller garage doors

When it comes to Roller garage doors, they usually come available in two special types. One is a single skin curtain door and the other being a double skinned aluminium curtain with a foam filled core. An expert will help you decide which type of garage door maybe most suitable for your needs.

When considering a new single skin steel roller door, the width required is worked out by the opening size between the side guides plus the length of the curtain overlap, which is often 25mm on each side minimum.

There only a very few manufacturers of these roller doors out there on the market, that provide high quality doors. We will always make sure that the door you receive will only be of the highest quality. Which is why is we ensure that our garage doors come from the leading manufacturers in the UK.

For aluminium roller doors the ordering size is worked out by measuring the width, which includes the side guides, which are available in different dimension. The height is calculated by measuring from the top of the side guides to the bottom.

Sectional garage doors

When measuring garage doors, they are ordered by their internal fixing sub frame opening size. This means you need to take into consideration the side frame legs and the headroom. Sectional garage doors are very complex to measure and install by their nature. It is recommended that you contact CBL, a specialist garage door installation company, to come to your property and accurately measure the dimensions needed to ensure the sectional garage door you order will be of the right size

Side hinged garage door

Side hinged doors are similar when measuring when compared to up and over garage doors. The general rule is you order doors using the internal sub frame dimensions. For more information get in contact with CBL Garage Doors for more information.

Get in Contact with CBL Garage Doors Ltd about the measurements involved when installing a new garage door. This article was designed to be a very basic guide to measurements when concerning certain garage doors. It is always recommended to have experts come and measure your garage to ensure that the garage door fits perfectly. Incorrect measurements may mean that the garage door may not be fully functional or safe. For more about measurements and types of garage doors that we have available. Get in contact today on 0800 0542 500, we are always happy to help you!