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Good reasons to choose the Hormann brand when expanding your home with a garage.

Garage Doors, with uncompromising qualityEach garage door brand CBL Garage Doors supply, all have their own quality, designs and specification.  It’s true to think that a part from colour, you won’t find a Hormann garage door alike another. Hormann provide an extensive range of colours and finishes. Their new Deco-grain surface finish means you can recreate and match most wooden grains with 24 shades available.

Many of you will look at dozens of garage doors, but Hormann garage doors are the leading brand for a reason.  Hormann offer leading security and automated control features, giving you the opportunity to start thinking, how else can you add value to your home or garage space.  With modern doors keeping more heat and noise in, means now modern households are viewing garages in another perspective, allowing homeowners to begin to add valuable extra space to the home because garage doors are allowing this, rather that just somewhere to park a vehicle. The humble garage deserves to be considered as another room in the house and here are several alternative ways to use your garage.

Garage Doors for a Gym

Top quality gym equipment can be both heavy and noisy and can prove a nightmare to move to an upper level floor. By putting down a floor covering and installing all your equipment in the garage will allow you to privately exercise without interfering with other members of your household.

Garage Doors for a Playroom

The Hormann brands most popular garage design is the sectional door. Sectional doors are popular because they open vertically and fit to any building opening design.

Modern family houses are a lot smaller than they used to be and those who don’t have the luxury of a second reception room will invariably find their sitting room strewn with toys. A practical garage design for children to play in is becoming an increasingly purposeful use for a garage.

If you like practicality, you might be interested in Hormann Sectional Door designs

Garage Doors for a Utility Room

If you enjoy all the modern gadgets of a functional kitchen, but desire to have a minimal fitted kitchen you may have the dilemma of not knowing what to do with those white goods. By having the necessary plumbing installed you can easily have you washing machine, dishwasher, chest freezer placed in your garage out of sight.  The cost of getting the plumbing diverted works out at a lot less than paying for special units to cleverly hide them away.

If you like functionality, you might be interested in Hormann Up and Over Door designs

Garage Doors for a Games Room

Hormann provide an extensive range of colours and finishes. The Decograin surface finish means you can recreate and match most wooden grains with a number of stunning shades available.

People may be shocked at the idea of spending time in a garage but with a well fitting door, a heater and some insulated flooring, and some seating of course, your teenagers can have the social space whenever they like without them causing a disturbance within the house itself. Any parent who has ever had to turn the television volume up to drown out their kids noisy video games will know exactly what we are talking about!

Garage Doors for a Home Office

Hormann garage doors are a cut about the rest. They deliver a harmonious overall appearance where you will find every part creates a perfect seamless fit.

If you are lucky enough to work from home then you will know how easy it is to be distracted by everyday life and not be as productive as you would like to be. By creating a home office in the garage you are effectively making yourself a bolt hole where by cutting yourself off from the rest of the household. You can turn this space into the optimum working environment allowing you to be productive and eliminating the morning and evening commute.

Hormann Doors are the premier supplier in the market for the construction of sectional garage doors and components. This brand has been continually innovative in its years producing doors across the board.

Garage Doors for a Studio

Hormann provide any of their doors with the option of a manual or power driven function. Both the sectional and roller doors are made from a composition of metals that ensures you will have optimal security for your garage. Whether you choose a manual or power driven function, the functionality of the doors has been designed to ensure you will have longevity in opening and closing your garage.

Full conversions can be costly, however if you don’t wish to use the space full time, a well designed garage can be easily adapted to a studio but still remain purposeful for storage as a garage. Hormann garage doors look the part and from a range of garage doors, CBL have the styles to choose one that doesn’t look so much like a traditional garage door to enhance the property.  Along with your garage door choice from Hormann, you can opt for insulation allowing you to feel comfortable in the space to work in.

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Not only do we repair manual and automatic Hormann garage doors, we offer the complete service to home owners looking to up scale the garage appearance or functionality to Bolton, Blackburn, Stockport and over all the North West, with hundreds of choices from our brochures and showroom.

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